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Let me introduce myself,

Very short introduction. My name is Sarah Dullens but you can call me Graphista. I graduated in 2012 as Master of Arts in Antwerp and my favorite things are art, traveling and food.

Do you want to know more? Let's get some coffee together and discuss business. Ah yes, I like coffee too, lots of coffee ...

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What does graphista mean?

Graphista is an invented word. It is a combination of graphic design and artista in spanish. For me it is the perfect way to express my personal style. I am a graphic designer and I love to explore the artistic edges. Good design is art.

How it all started

From 2013 till 2016, I worked for a while as a graphic design consultant and got to experience 10-something workplaces and projects. All these jobs were very diverse: from designer at communication agencies to webmaster at supermarket chains. I found it very interesting to explore so much different fields. But most of all I wanted to be able to put my personal stamp on my work! And so I started being Graphista.

Which companies did Graphista already work with?

I have an extensive experience working as a graphic designer and project manager for different companies, of which mainly communication agencies, but also for small businesses around Antwerp. My experience includes working mainly on digital projects. I'm always improving my skills in design software and project management methodologies, resulting in delivering successful projects.

communication agency in antwerp
web project manager
febr 2022 — now
Digital agency
digital project manager
nov 2020 — aug 2021
Graphic design studio
graphic designer
nov 2014 — now
digital agency in Brussels
jan 2014 — april 2014
Hofke van Bazel
fine dining restaurant *
freelance communication manager
march 2015 — nov 2020
graphic Intervention team
graphic designer & webdesigner
oct 2013 — july 2016

freelance graphic designer & webdesigner
july 2016 — may 2017
Garcia Live
Concert en event promotor
freelance graphic designer
may 2017 — nov 2017

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